I'm SO frustrated! I've been very consistent with eating healthy and my weight has gone no where.  Either my caloric estimations are off for food (and generally they shouldn't be because I use either the nutrition information or Calorie Count) OR I need to add exercise to the mix.  I'm having such a struggle with that one, I was planning on getting up early this morning, and then only got 6 hours of sleep-- at best, since I woke up frequently through the night.  I hope I can change this a bit, though eating better at least helps my body feel better, so we'll see.



Jake and I start Financial Peace University tonight, and I'm super excited!  It's going to be tough, but something we both definitely need to do.  I'll update what we learn tonight either late tonight or tomorrow sometime!

Southwestern Flatbread Breakfast Wrap- 269 calories (flatbread, 2 eggs, salsa)
     I found this AWESOME flatbread at Fareway today.  It's only 90 calories and SO delicious!
SF Koolaid- 20 Calories

Flatbread with chicken roasted with olive oil & greek seasoning, with lettuce and a hint of cheese and a cup of corn- 675 Calories

Dessert piece of cake- since I honestly have no idea, we'll say 300 calories which puts me at

1200 Calories for the day! (Give or take some for not knowing the cake)


Oh Mondays

A piece of cake. Not the best breakfast, but at least it was drenched in skim milk?  I imagine this breakfast cost me about 400 calories (but so worth it)

Pear- 96 Calories
Chicken Noodle Soup @ hand- 70 Calories
(I think this lunch makes up for my breakfast? Maybe?)
2 funsize 3 muskateers- 150 calories (est.)

I wasn't feeling well by the time supper rolled around so all I had was a bowl of cheerios in milk-196 calories

Total- 912

The Weekend

I didn't really eat much Saturday, but I kinda grazed at the harvest party, but I didn't 'pig out' like I tend to. It was nice not overtly worrying about how many calories I was eating.

I wasn't feeling real great Sunday morning, so I didn't eat too much.  I had a piece of pizza for breakfast/lunch and ribs, rolls and corn for supper (in the right proportions even!!!) and a piece of cake for dessert.  I have NO clue how many calories I ate, but everything I did eat stayed in proportion so I think I'm good.  The ribs, by the way, were AMAZING the meat was literally slipping off the bone! Jake had a full rack all by himself! :P



So far today I've been doing great. But it's also 9:30 AM... baby steps :)

1 large egg- 72
2 pieces of honey wheat toast- 160
Sugar Free Strawberry Jelly- 20
8 oz Skim Milk- 86
Total so far= 337

And I'm literally about to hop on the treadmill to read and then watch a movie while I walk :)


OK! A MUCH better day, though I didn't work out the last few (I plan to be watching a movie while I walk today!).

Coffee & Cream (I was at the mercy of what the gas station had for cream- 140

Focaccia bread & some olive oil dipping sauce- 300
Soup @ Hand- Chicken & Stars- 70

I went to town with cooking supper
Homemade Dinner Rolls-
8 oz (though I only at 6 oz) Center Cut Pork Chop brushed with olive oil & rolled in fat free crackers and italian seasoning and cooked to perfection
Sugar Free KoolAid
For a total of- 589 Calories (skipping out on 2 ounces of pork chops made it 100 less calories)

My total is going to be a bit low for the day since I thought I had actually eaten more than I had-

Total Intake 1,099
Goal, 1200

Turns out I would have been spot on had I been able to finish the chop, but I was SOOO full!!! Yay ;)


Haven't Forgotten....

So I definitely haven't forgotten this, but apparently I can't add blogs from my cell phone. Oh well.  I wrote down what I ate this weekend and Monday, but I really don't know where I put them.  I worked out Saturday, but not Sunday or yesterday (I was late for a meeting at work and it threw my whole day off!).  So now for today:

Skipped. Not intentionally, but I got absorbed in FarmVille (I had to harvest and plant for Jake since he's up in Cedar Rapids).

24 ounces of V8 Splash- Tropical Punch- 30 calories (which means 3 servings of veggies!)
Progresso Light Soup- 140 calories
8 crackers- 103 Calories

Not the healthiest, but I was intentional when I pulled up to the menu:
Hamburger (instead of a cheeseburger)- 250 Calories
Small Fries- 230 Calories

For 'dessert' aka I was bored so I ate (how dumb)
I cleaned out the last of the container of frosting I really have no idea how many calories (I really probably don't want to know either) but that would (at minimum) make up for the rest of my needed calories (and hopefully not too much more)

I was at 753 calories for the day before frosting. I imagine it had to be somewhere around the 1200 mark by the time I cleaned that sucker up.  I need to be more careful to eat something healthy (we've got plenty of fruits and those steamer bags of veggies!) instead of getting the yummy 'noms'.  In other news I dropped 3 lbs in the last week.  I'm back to my original blog starting point of 195, let's keep truckin'!